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Here’s an excerpt from my January, 2020 interview with Authority Magazine. You can read the entire interview here.

“What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? How do you think that might help people?

Right now I’m putting together material for an intensive workshop on “growing up” our emotional responses through hypnosis.

Normally, we measure adulthood simply by how old we are. You hit that magic number and poof! you’re all grown up. But the truth is, many of us are still relating to the world emotionally as children or teenagers. I don’t know about you but there are still definitely times when I feel like I’m responding to certain situations-at least internally-as a young boy or even a toddler.

This is actually a common experience called a “regressed state” and oftentimes it is related to some kind of early trauma. When we experience trauma as children, our emotional response of fight, flight, or freeze can become stuck. This happens mostly when we didn’t get the resolution or assurance from a caregiver that everything was going to be ok, that we were safe. As a result, whenever we meet with similar situations in the future that fight, flight, freeze response gets automatically triggered even when it’s not appropriate or justified.

nThis can have far-reaching implications in our adult lives. It can mean that we are engaging in personal and professional relationships from a very disempowered position. When people feel like they can’t stand up for themselves, make and hold clear boundaries, or pursue what they truly want and need in life it is often because they are chronically slipping back into one of these regressed emotional states. So, at those times, they are effectively relating to the world as a child.

Using hypnosis we are able to work with those parts of ourselves that are still stuck in emotional childhood. In the trance state, we revisit those experiences and memories, bringing our adult resources to the rescue so to speak. Using a combination of imagination, visualization, and post-hypnotic suggestions the child part can then be taken through a process of accelerated maturation…”