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People often say they lack confidence.

As a hypnotherapist I like to push back on that a little bit. It’s not that we ‘lack’ anything. Nothing is missing.

The problem is that we have all this other junk floating around, clogging up our natural flow of confidence. This ‘junk’ can take the form of erroneous beliefs, false presuppositions, habitual reactions, and outmoded ways of thinking and doing things that we picked up long ago.

Let’s look at an example.

You’ve made up your mind. You’re finally taking the leap and getting started on opening your small business. You start to do some research and pull all the pieces together. Pretty soon you realize that there are a lot of moving pieces. Business licenses, legal filings, marketing plans, website design. The list goes on and on. You begin to feel daunted and your heart sinks a little.

That’s when the negative self-talk starts to play inside your head.

“I’m not a marketing expert. I don’t know anything about web design. And what the heck is SEO anyway?”

At some point you might even throw up your hands and hear yourself saying something like, “What was I thinking? I’m not cut out for this. Maybe I should just stick with my old job…”

Again, to say you’re lacking in confidence isn’t really accurate here. What’s happening is that your natural impulse to create and expand is being blocked by self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

These thought patterns usually have their source in early childhood. Somewhere along the way, you heard negative messages about yourself from your adult caregivers. You then internalized these falsehoods and carried into adulthood.

The good news is you can clear out all that junk. Hypnosis is one very powerful method for resolving issues from your past and releasing all the things that no longer serve you. Along the way you will learn new habits and ways of being in the world.

Here are 3 of them:

Recognizing Your Worth

Your inherent value as a human being is absolute. Nothing anyone (including yourself) has ever said, done, or thought about you, or to you, can change that. When you recognize that you are always worthy, you discover the confidence to live according to your highest truth.

Gratitude and Awe

Take a deep breath. Reflect on the simple fact that you are alive right now. Recognizing just how special and rare that is, you are able to live with appreciation and respect for yourself at the deepest level of your being.

Encouraging Self Talk

The way we talk to ourselves is just another kind of hypnotic trance. We get to decide whether the content of that talk is positive or negative. When we speak to ourselves with kindness and encouragement, we automatically feel capable and self-assured.

These positive habits and attitudes take some practice. But the results don’t take long to begin manifesting. Before you know it you will have reclaimed your natural confidence, creativity, and joy.