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We’ve all heard of teletherapy but does hypnosis “work” online?

The answer: Yes, it does!

Hypnotherapy, whether done with your eyes closed or open, is all about communication. As long as you can hear the sound of my voice, we can do deep, transformative work.

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Advantages Of Online Hypnosis

Although in-person and online hypnosis sessions are equally effective, there are some advatages to doing the work remotely.

  • You can enjoy your session from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Not only can you wear your comfy clothes while in trance, the changes you create will happen in the environment that you have been experiencing the problem. This can “super charge” the change for even more benefit.
  • You can schedule your session from anywhere in the world. I regularly work with clients from out of state and even in other countries.
  • It saves gas. Who knew that doing your hypnosis sessions online can help save the planet?

If you want to know more about how online hypnosis sessions can help you with your issue, schedule a FREE strategy and planning session with Chris today.

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