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When people think of weight loss hypnosis, they probably imagine going into trance and listening to me say something like,

From this moment forward you will gradually and naturally begin to lose weight, enjoying eating sensible amounts of healthy and nutritious food…

It’s true, we may approach things that way. Then again, we may not.

I’m not a big fan of weight loss for weight loss’ sake. If there are real health and quality of life issues then by all means, I want to help you reach your goals. But it’s not always about a number.

More important than any “ideal” body weight is developing a relationship to ourselves and our bodies that is kind, encouraging, and loving. Once that is established (typically in our first couple of sessions) the shifts and changes that follow become easier and easier.

We then aim to gain an understanding of the deeper, subconscious motivations for unwanted and preventable weight gain.*

These are almost always related to meeting our primary emotional needs of safety, protection, comfort, belonging, worthiness, love, and so on. At some point in our life, and for whatever reason, eating became the best strategy for meeting those needs.

However, those strategies became self-defeating very quickly because satisfying those deeper needs can’t come from the outside. It has to come from the source of who we are, our True Nature, which is always whole, worthy, and innately good.

That might sound like woo-woo poppy-cock but think about it for a moment. Take a deep breath and notice your breathing. Notice how effortlessly the air comes into your lungs. And just as effortlessly your lungs accept that air, intuitively knowing how to absorb the oxygen and deliver it to every cell of your body, keeping you alive every moment of your life.

All of this happens without your conscious participation. It happens without giving it a second thought. That’s because your body, and even your whole being, are hardwired for affirming and sustaining life. Even when things go a little wonky, like when we relate to food as if it is going to make us happy, our pure motivation is moving us towards balance, wellness, and harmony.

That pure motivation is what we connect with during our sessions. In effect, the problem becomes the solution…except now in a healthy, supportive way. What you discover is that you have had all the resources of creativity and healing that you will ever need all along. And they are there to support you now as you embody these changes for the rest of your life.

*Check out this informative and compassionate article about how much we still need to learn about obesity, weight loss, and being human.