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For many people, hypnotherapy is a last ditch effort to treat their issue.

“Well, I’ve tried everything else,” they say. “So why not this…”

I think part of the reason for that is that hypnotherapy is still a little bit misunderstood. With the exception of treating smoking or weight loss it’s still considered to be a bit “woo-woo” or New-agey.

It‘s not surprising. The mainstream health and wellness fields are generally quite skeptical of anything that can’t be easily weighed and measured. That includes the often mysterious realm of the sub-conscious and super-conscious minds. As a result, highly effective methods of treatment like hypnosis are often swept under the rug. Fortunately, times are changing.

Therapies like EMDR (which is not all that different from hypnotherapy) are now recognized as legitimate modalities. The choices we have to relieve our suffering are growing day by day. So how do you know which kind of treatment is right for you? It might be difficult take a measured survey of all your options when you’re feeling at the mercy of crushing depression, anxiety or PTSD.

That’s OK. Just take a deep breath. Feel yourself in your body. Recognize that even though you feel lost and alone in your pain, you are following the pure impulse of your true nature to find the healing you need and deserve.

Now, in that little bit of space, begin to do some searching. Use your search engine and start looking into therapists in your area. Check out their websites. Read about the treatments they offer. Call a few of them that offer free consultations. Listen to them. How do you feel when you talk to them about your pain? Do they seem like they are really hearing you? Is there something about them that makes you want to share more of your story?

Really try to listen to your heart here. As much as our society values science and hard data (at least I think it still does), we shouldn’t devalue our intuition when it comes to matters of heart and soul. That disconnection from the deep mysteries of ourselves is one of the main causes of our pain in the first place.

So begin to trust yourself again. Deep down, you know what you need and what is truly going to be of benefit. Only you can decide what is best for you.