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Today, there are countless ways to stop smoking. If you are like many, you may try many different methods to quit tobacco for good. While going cold turkey and using nicotine gum and patches can help some, they do not provide the desired results for others. If you have not had success with these methods or want a more holistic option, consider hypnotherapy.

A Brief History of Hypnotherapy

Many people do not realize that hypnotherapy has been around and used since the 1950s. This was when Milton H. Erickson demonstrated how hypnosis could complement more traditional forms of therapy. Hypnotherapy was recognized by the American Psychological Association in 1958. The first-time hypnotherapy was used for helping smokers was in 1970 by Dr. Herbert Spiegel. The strategy he used is now known as the “Spiegel technique” and involves three main ideas:

  1. Smoking poisons the body
  2. You have to have a body to live
  3. To live, you must protect and respect your body

Today, hypnotherapists make suggestions to clients that relate smoking cigarettes with unpleasant sensations, odors, and tastes. They may also suggest that smokers have lost the desire or drive to smoke and that they can cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking: What to Expect During a Session?

The hypnotherapy session begins with the hypnotherapist asking questions about your medical history and why you came to their office. They will likely go over what hypnosis is and what it is not and then guide you into your first session. The therapist may also teach you self-hypnosis techniques to use at home, which allows you to reinforce what occurs during professional hypnotherapy sessions. You can expect hypnotherapy sessions to last for about an hour. Engaging in several sessions will help reinforce the suggestions provided by a hypnotherapist. Usually, people see results after approximately four sessions, but you can continue your sessions if necessary to ensure the recommendations are fully reinforced.

Benefits of Engaging in Hypnotherapy Sessions to Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is often successful and helps individuals stop smoking when used along with other treatments for conditions like pain, depression, stress, and anxiety. No medications are used during hypnotherapy, which may be appealing to smokers who want to avoid using nicotine replacement products or other drugs and medications. It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is not dangerous. A hypnotist cannot make you do something against your will. The most significant risk related to this session will be creating false memories by the hypnotherapist’s suggestions.

Finding the Right Hypnotherapist for Smoking Help

If you want to stop smoking for good, finding the right method is essential. Many people have found success with hypnotherapy sessions. If you have never tried this method, now is the time to do so. Schedule an appointment to find out more about this treatment method and why it is becoming more and more popular for smokers who want to quit.