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Do you feel like your life lacks purpose, focus, direction? Maybe you feel unfulfilled, like there’s something more that you’ve been missing.

What most people don’t realize is that it’s not the outward circumstances of our life that give us meaning and purpose. It’s the degree to which we are in open alignment with our True Selves-our true integrity, purity, and innate goodness-that our deepest meaning and purpose begin to naturally express in all our actions.

Hi my name is Chris Lemig. I’m a transpersonal hypnotherapist and former Tibetan Buddhist monk who is passionate about connecting people with their deeper, wiser selves. What we might call our Higher Self, or our True Nature.

All the mystical traditions of the world, east and west, pretty much all say the same thing: You are more than the sum of your parts. There is an aspect to your being that is greater than anything you’ve ever imagined.

A person recently reached out to me feeling all of those things I mentioned in the beginning. Despite having literally the job of his dreams-great salary, great future-plus all the goes with that, he felt he wasn’t living his true purpose. Something was missing. 

In our very first session, he got in touch with his Higher Self and realized that he already had everything he needed in terms of wisdom, support, and inner guidance to begin to architect the next phase of his life. 

More importantly, he found that there was a peace and calm within himself, as well as a deep sense of love for himself, that he hadn’t realized had always been there.

What’s been a delightful surprise for me is that many of the people I work with have a similar experience. It’s always unique in the outward form but the core experience is always the same: At the deepest level of your being, you have tremendous resources of intelligence, love, healing power, and creativity that are always available to you if you want them.

If you’re still reading this article then something about all of this is resonating with you.

So I’d like you to get a taste of what I’m talking about. Go ahead and click on the link below and I’ll be sure to get you a Mp3 of my self hypnosis protocol: Meeting Your Higher Self.

In this powerful session you will:

  • Experience a relaxing hypnosis induction that will help you to regroup, refresh, and recharge.
  • Follow along with a guided visualization for meeting the Higher Self, and
  • Have time to inwardly communicate with the deepest wisdom of your being.