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It is natural for most people to experience some kind of anxiety from time to time. However, chronic anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic disorder, and specific phobias can severely affect a person’s quality of life.

With its emphasis on physical and mental relaxation, hypnotherapy can be a highly effective treatment for various forms of anxiety.

Here are 3 hypnosis solutions for relieving anxiety and stress:

    • Progressive Relaxation. As a part of each hypnosis session, I guide you through a progressive attention to each part of the body. Through mindfulness, focused awareness, and soothing suggestions, you will find it easy to release tension and stress. Once physical relaxation is achieved, mental relaxation comes more easily as well. Through this process alone, the symptoms of anxiety are often greatly reduced, allowing deeper therapeutic work to begin.
    • Right sizing. Oftentimes anxiety is caused by or exacerbated by obsessive and fearful thoughts about the future. This can take the form of catastrophizing, filtering information, and magnification. While in the trance state, I will guide you through a process of right-sizing fears and worries to better reflect the reality of your situation.
    • Reframing. This technique relies on the use of imagination and guided imagery. In the dreamlike state of hypnosis you can safely imagine yourself experiencing situations that trigger anxiety. You are then able to bring new resources, perspectives, and attitudes to those situations, allowing you to practice healthier responses. For example, if you are phobic of flying in airplanes, you can repeatedly imagine yourself taking a long flight with confidence and self-assurance. This creates new mental habits and associations that can make it easier to face the phobia in everyday life.

In addition to all of these techniques, I also often suggest various self-management tools to deal with anxiety as it may come up in the future. These can include instructions for self-hypnosis, deep breathing exercises, and self-guided relaxation meditations.

If you experience anxiety and stress I invite you to visit my website at to learn more about how hypnosis can help you find healthy solutions for a more relaxed way of being.